Upcycle your old jewellery

Upcycle your old jewellery




We all have at least one piece of jewellery that we once loved but have not worn for years, and some of us have a whole box of jewellery that is no longer fashionable, that we still can’t bear to part with!


Bring your box of treasures to a jewellery session with a difference. We will lovingly sort through your cherished but discarded treasures and create new designs that you can upcycle and love again!


Your new design may involve more advanced techniques than can be tackled in one session, so you have the option of booking extra sessions in order to achieve your goal. If you prefer not to carry out the alterations yourself, then you can commission me to carry out the necessary alterations.


It can be hard to know what jewellery is made of, and what it might be turned into! Contact me for more information.


One student’s experience…

Jule came to one of my classes, she had an old key from a jewellery box that belonged to her mother, and wanted it cast in gold.

Using items from a selection of unworn and inherited gold jewellery we set about taking a casting from the original key, and managed to create a new key in gold. Jule then commissioned a ‘leaf’ pendant and a ring cast from a bird skull, both in gold and made from her long forgotten treasures.

‘Aileen is a highly skilled and talented goldsmith and has created a number of stunningly beautiful pieces for me which I absolutely adore, and wear all the time’

  • Terms and Conditions

    Payment must be made at time of booking. I'm happy to change times and dates but I need 24 hours notice please.

  • Course info

    Cost : £125 per session
    Duration : 3 Hours
    Materials : Not included
    Booking by arrangement