Frequently Asked Questions
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Health & safety - is there anything I should be aware of?

The jewellery workshop contains tools and equipment which should always be used with care.

The tutor will instruct you how to use these safely.

Follow these simple rules for a safe and healthy workshop.


  • Aprons will be provided to protect your clothes.

  • Wear closed toed shoes.

  • Hang coats on the hooks, not on the back of a chair, and make sure bags and tool boxes are kept under the bench to avoid tripping.

  • When soldering be aware of where you are pointing the flame. The soldering block and the tip of the torch may be hot, be careful not to touch them.

  • Protect your eyes with safety specs when soldering, drilling or polishing.

  • The extractor fan should be on while soldering.

  • Long hair should be tied back and scarves or dangly jewellery removed when soldering, polishing or drilling.

  • A fire extinguisher is located on the wall to the right of the exit. In the event of a fire evacuate the studio and move a safe distance away and call for assistance.

Can I bring my own silver?

Yes, you can bring your own silver or you can buy it from me. I'm happy to sell it at cost price but I only carry a very limited supply.

If you need to buy silver or gold, try or

How to find me

I'm at the top of Whitepost Hill in Redhill, Surrey. Detailed instructions are sent out in your booking email, but I'm easy to get to from both Reigate and Redhill, and a short distance by taxi from Redhill train station.

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How to Book

Taster sessions - please book and pay for your session through the website, and I will get in touch to organise a date and time that suits you.

Regular workshops during the week. You can book either single sessions or a block of four through my website, and then I will be in touch to find out what sessions you'd like to put in the diary.

For other workshops which are held on specific dates, you can book direct for the dates you want. Please provide a contact name and number so that I can get in touch if I need to.

Refunds and exchanges

My refund and exchange policy depends on the workshop you've booked.

For regular sessions I'm very happy to accept changes to bookings as long as I get 24 hours notice. 

For "event" sessions which are held on specific dates I require at least 48 hours notice of a cancellation or alteration to your booking.

All bookings for regular sessions must be used within two months of the first session taking place.


Gift vouchers are valid for six months.


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